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Instant incredible flavor with on draw activation. No buttons or complicated settings.
6% Nicotine - Between 200 - 300 hits each.
Available Flavors..

Cubano: Classic: Cuban cigar topped with soft creams and a drizzle of vanilla custard.

Crisp Apple: Perfectly refreshing, crisp Granny Smith green apple.

Tropical Mango: Juicy, tangy and sweet citrus mango.

Ice Mango: Juicy, tangy, and sweet citrus mango with a cool menthol finish.

Lush Ice: Fresh watermelon splashed with mixed melon undertones, topped with exhilarating menthol.

Mighty Mint: Invigorating and revitalizing cool sensations of spearmint menthol.

Purple Bomb: Juicy purple grapes flood your taste buds.