Samsung - 18650 Battery 30Q

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Samsung 30Q (INR18650-30Q) is an excellent 18650 battery for users who like high capacity without forgoing a lot of discharge (drain capability). The Samsung 30Q has 3,000mAh and a maximum discharge current at 15A continuous. 30Q is a great cell for usage in battery packs, E-Bikes, power tools and other high-performance devices.


Manufacturer:     Samsung SDI
Model:     INR18650-30Q (30Q)
Size:     18650
Style:     Flat Top
Protected:     NO, UNPROTECTED
Nominal Capacity:     3000mAh
Discharge Current:     15A Maximum Continuous
Nominal Voltage:     3.6V
Maximum Voltage:     4.2V
Cutoff Voltage:     2.5V
Approximate Dimensions:     18.33mm x 64.85mm
Approximate Weight:    48g
Origin:     Republic of Korea
Specification Datasheet: