Puff Bars

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Flavored disposable vapes containing 6% nicotine.  Comes with an estimated 200-300 puffs depending on usage.  Sold individually.  Limited Stock.

List of Flavors..

Banana Ice: Tropical aroma of bananas topped with a cool menthol undertone.

Blueberry Ice: Balanced blends of tangy blueberry and refreshing menthol.

Blue Razz: Delicious medley of sweet and sour blue razz flavor.

Cool Mint: Ramped up icy mint and menthol with sweet undertones.

Cucumber: Refreshing, clean cucumber vibes with kicks of icy menthol.

Clear: Classic flavorless vape with hints of menthol nicotine that can do no-wrong.

Grape: Grape dominating blast with a drizzling of mixed berries and menthol.

Lychee Ice: Intensely sweet, citrusy aroma enhanced with icy menthol undertones.

Lush Ice: Fruity and refreshing watermelon with cool menthol.

Mango: Sweet and rich mango that excess expectations.

Melon Ice: Summer breeze filled with refreshing melon and bold menthol.

O.M.G.: Triple medley of orange, guava, and mango for a sweet, citrusy, and tart flavor.

Peach Ice: Sweet peach paired along with the cooling sensation of menthol.

Pineapple Lemonade: Fizzy lemonade mixed with tangy pineapple that blends perfectly for that sweet taste of Summer.

Pomegranate: Capture the exotic sweetness and genuine sourness of a Pomegranate.

Sour Apple: Powerful blast of green, sour apples.

Strawberry: Bursting flavor of natural, fresh strawberries picked from a basket.

Strawberry Banana: A balanced mix of juicy, fresh strawberry and sweet banana flavors.

Tangerine Ice: Sweet, citrusy experience with the invigorating kick of icy menthol.